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Copper Queen´s Caxo Aganju became best male baby puppy, at R.R.K. Christmas show on 30 Nov. 2019.  he was the youngste puppy at the show .Unfortunately no pictures from the show. Congratulations to  his owner ,Nanna & Rikard.

All the puppies are now by theirs Families, all are doing fine.  Metallica & Esmé enjoyed we now have more time with them . Next puppy union will be here in November , look forward to it . Plans for 2020 , are began, expect a litter in 2020. More info will come in the New Year.

Sep. 2019  Metallica got exellent  and a very nice critic. Judge D. Flaim , U.S.A. Congratulations to all the winners.


Life is good :) Esmé with  her puppies incl Metallica , who love to  take care of the puppies too 

                       4 weeks old , some of the puppies


                     Esmé is breed to CH. Haiba Kaisoon Eos !!!

This breeding was much more to me, than "just a breeding "between two lovely R.R.
It was also a meeting with a dear friend of mine, Nicolette Foschum , as I first time met ,years back, when she brought her lovely Alela to Cavan for breeding. We keep in contact by mails ( it was long time before FB etc ) 8 years later , Nicolette brought beautiful Ceiju to Cavan .Out of this combination came Toffee, Eos dam. So Eos is Cavan`s grandchild ( RokiShoals Cavan the Heartbreaker) Cavan was the best mover I ever have seen ! ( more about Cavan , click at "our R.R.)

This will be Esmé last litter.

Thanks Nicolette .

                 Eos,  photos by Karin Van Klaveren

DM N/N, JME frei
HD, ED, OCD frei
LüW & Spondylose frei
Dilute reinerbig
Hämophilie reinerbig
DNA Profil
Herzultraschall mit Farbdoppler ohne Befund
ZZP DZRR ( komplett A)
ZZP RRCD 100 ++

Højde : 68.5

Vægt :  43 kg 


-Deutscher Champion VDH                   
- Bundesjugendsieger 2015
- Crufts 2016 „ very highly commended“
- Lund, Sweden RR World Congress 2017 CK
- Candidate Int. Champion

Puppy reunion sep. 2018, it was wonderful to see the puppies again and  Family. All are doing so well and it was a very lovely day.

                 Billund  3 sep. 2017 baby class (3-6 mos)

Zola´s first show , it was so nice to see how happy she was in the ring. Zola  and her owner did a great job. She got SL  ( very promissing) and with a very fine critic . Later Zola and her owner was trying blood track, something Zola like very much too , so they will continue working with this .Congratulations to all the winners .


The Rhodesian Ridgeback  World congress  2016 took place  in Sweden , it was very useful and informative . It was also great to meet old and new friends :)

Show Vejen, Juni 2016 , 2 x exellent. It was a wonderful day, congratulations to all .

            It is hard with all this training :)