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           Not always easy to be the only boy between two girls :)


Some of Esmé  lovely offspring. Thanks to all theirs Families for sharing photos . They are Metallica´s siblings . More will come :) 

Marley , his owner decriebes him, as a clever and easy R.R. to live with. Marley is doing very well with nose work etc etc.

Ozzy is living in USA, his owner have had R.R. in over 50 years and is judge for the breed. Ozzy is doing so well over there and live a happy life with 3 other Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Hugo, as he is called, lives here in DK. He is a beautiful, strong and robust male. Hugo is a faithful guardian of the daughter of the Family, wherever she is, you will find Hugo :)

Copper Queen´s Dee Emma , she reminds very much of her mom Esmé , strong in body and mind . 

Emma love to swimm , like her sister Metallica.  Emma´s Family said about her : Emma is outgoing and learn things very fast,

Esmé taking care of the little ones

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