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              The Story about " Copper Queen"

Copper Queen" is a small breed of Rhodesian Ridgeback , although we rarely have puppies, but we are expecting a litter spring 2023 .For nearly 40 years, Rhodesian Ridgeback’s have been a part of my family and my life. Since childhood, dogs have been a natural part of my life and among the dogs I have had, there have been crossbreds and purebred dogs such as ; German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Welsh Corgis, Kerry Blues, Scottish Terries and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. In 1992 I imported the first American Rhodesian Ridgeback to Denmark, which later proved to be one of the most famous Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Europe : DK:S.CH.BISS Kwetu´s Xoxa In Denmark . We have subsequently imported several more dogs and the latest to arrive, is from the Czech Republic.: Dee Esmé Munya Bawean´s Hope .More about her  under "our R.R.".More about my life with Rhodesian Ridgeback, can be read at the bottom of this page under the Photo.

We have max 3-4 adult dogs and currently there are two that are members of the family. That means they live with us and are part of our daily lives. We show our dogs in Denmark and internationally, however, we do not participate in all the show, because we also want to do many other things with the dogs, for example tracking.

Our females have a maximum of 1-2 litters and they come into the world in our home and are at once exposed to our normal life and all  the “crazy things” we people do. They are exposed to smiling faces with smiling eyes and visits from potential dog owners from when the puppies are 3 weeks old. We like to answer questions and offer advice and guidance.The puppies are sold with Danish Kennel Club pedigree and have had the necessary health checks by the vet and they will each have a "starter package" which includes a blanket, a collar, a food guide, a description of the puppy, a purchase contract, and food for the first days. We are available regarding advice and guidance throughout the dog's life and hold an annual "puppy meeting" here, where everyone has the opportunity to meet again.

We have exported puppies to Norway, Germany, Netherland & U.S.A.

"Copper Queen" is housed in a small village, more country than city and there are large outdoor areas where the dogs can run free.There are forest, water and fields which the dogs can easily access. By living closely with a Rhodesian Ridgeback and taking it into your daily life, providing the challenges, etc. the Rhodesian Ridgeback  needs it will clearly show that the breed still retains its original properties, such as its protective instincts and independence, which of course makes demands to the future owners of the breed. For more info about the breed click at : About the breed

You is welcome to contact me if you should be interested in the breed and maybe want to be written up for an upcoming puppy. We welcome visits by prior arrangement.

 Photo from 1994, our litttle daughter and the dogs 

Some more about my life with Rhodesian Ridgeback:

I have been a member of the board of the Danish Kennel Club on Fyn and I have been a “show trainer" ” and initiator of the Rhodesian Ridgeback club magazine committees where I arranged several new things. In addition to this, I formed a standard and an exhibition committee, which is something I am really passionate about and I felt it was very important for our club. Up until then,nobody had thought of this being important. Health was/ is also a  important thing for me, so I started a breeding and health committee. At the same time,I tried to get a better understanding of our breed temperament, unfortunately the necessary interest in enligtening this subject was not be found.

I was elected chairman of the committees and I found this work very exciting.The work of the committees resulted in various activities, which helped to expand the understanding of the standard of our breed. Since joined a new board, thought this is not that a meaningful member could sit as chairman of the committee, so I resigned after ,but I am very pleased that all the committees still exist. I have over the years also participated in several courses, lectures etc. about dogs.I has taken Danish Kennel Club's basic and  breeder course.I considers it important to try to keep me updated about what is happening within the breed and dogs generalt.

The second congress for Rhodesian Ridgeback took place here in Denmark in 1988 . It was a great pleasure to be a part of that, very educational and exciting. Meeting people personally, some I until that, only know from books, magazine etc.Unfortunately are some of this great R.R, people not longer.

In the  Danish Kennel magazine, "HUNDEN "( The DOG) brought in 2004, an artikle of the  breed description of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It was a great pleasure for me to be asked if I would participate in it. I therefore wrote the breed´s  history, and was interview by Tine Luther, who made a series of photos. The frontpage of the magazine , was my own Copper Queen's Auxesia By Xoxa.The article can be seen and read  the : "About the breed"

Bailey 2 years old