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"Copper Queen" expect puppies , summer 2019

Puppy reunion sep. 2018, it was wonderful to see the puppies again and Family. All are doing so well and it was a very lovely day.


Esme 9 weeks after she gave birth to 7 puppies,

All of the puppies are now, by theirs lovely Families. Thanks to you all , for keep us update and for giving the puppies the best homes . 2 puppies are exported .Copper Queen´s Sharnara Metallica , will stay here by her mom , aunt Honey and us. Esmé had be a great mom and still is.

Esmé have give birth , to a wonderful litter, the 7 januar 2018 . Esmé gave brith very easy and all was born at 4 hours . At the photo they are 1 ½ day old. All with ridge, two with ridge fault. None knicktales, DS. All the puppies have new homes, who wait for them.More about the puppies will come here.

Billund 3 sep. 2017 baby class (3-6 mos)


Zola´s first show , it was so nice to see how happy she was in the ring. Zola and her owner did a great job. She got SL ( very promissing) and with a very fine critic . Later Zola and her owner was trying blood track, something Zola like very much too , so they will continue working with this .Congratulations to all the winners .


Juli 2017, visits of Zola and her Family, it was nice to see all again :) Esmé and Zola love to be together again :)



Zola 6 weeks

Esmé have given birth to a beautiful R.R. female , at the photo, she is one week old. Both are doing well .The Ultrasound show a least 4 puppies , but a week before I know it couldn´t be so ! Sad for us all, especially for the Families, who had hope for a puppy from here. But we are happy to have Zola, as the girl is named and Esmé is a great mom. We are all doing the best we can for Zola, so, it all will be just fine :)

Finally back, we drive over 2400 km , 400 km was in snow storm and by the night, but love can´t be stop !


Esmé have finally meet Diego . Much more will come about this . Only very few photo´s was taken at this trip, but here are some . Hope to come back another time at visit this beautiful area again



The Rhodesian Ridgeback World congress 2016 took place in Sweden , it was very useful and informative . It was also great to meet old and new friends :)

Show Vejen, Juni 2016 , 2 x exellent. It was a wonderful day, congratulations to all .

It is hard with all this training :)