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All the puppies are now by theirs Families, all are doing fine.  Metallica & Esmé enjoyed we now have more time with them . Next puppy union will be here in November , look forward to it . Plans for 2020 , are began, expect a litter in 2020. More info will come in the New Year.

Sep. 2019  Metallica got exellent  and a very nice critic. Judge D. Flaim , U.S.A. Congratulations to all the winners.


Life is good :) Esmé with  her puppies incl Metallica , who love to  take care of the puppies too 

                       4 weeks old , some of the puppies


                     Esmé is breed to CH. Haiba Kaisoon Eos !!!

This breeding was much more to me, than "just a breeding "between two lovely R.R.
It was also a meeting with a dear friend of mine, Nicolette Foschum , as I first time met ,years back, when she brought her lovely Alela to Cavan for breeding. We keep in contact by mails ( it was long time before FB etc ) 8 years later , Nicolette brought beautiful Ceiju to Cavan .Out of this combination came Toffee, Eos dam. So Eos is Cavan`s grandchild ( RokiShoals Cavan the Heartbreaker) Cavan was the best mover I ever have seen ! ( more about Cavan , click at "our R.R.)

This will be Esmé last litter.

Thanks Nicolette .

                 Eos,  photos by Karin Van Klaveren

DM N/N, JME frei
HD, ED, OCD frei
LüW & Spondylose frei
Dilute reinerbig
Hämophilie reinerbig
DNA Profil
Herzultraschall mit Farbdoppler ohne Befund
ZZP DZRR ( komplett A)
ZZP RRCD 100 ++

Højde : 68.5

Vægt :  43 kg 


-Deutscher Champion VDH                   
- Bundesjugendsieger 2015
- Crufts 2016 „ very highly commended“
- Lund, Sweden RR World Congress 2017 CK
- Candidate Int. Champion

Puppy reunion sep. 2018, it was wonderful to see the puppies again and  Family. All are doing so well and it was a very lovely day.

                 Billund  3 sep. 2017 baby class (3-6 mos)

Zola´s first show , it was so nice to see how happy she was in the ring. Zola  and her owner did a great job. She got SL  ( very promissing) and with a very fine critic . Later Zola and her owner was trying blood track, something Zola like very much too , so they will continue working with this .Congratulations to all the winners .


The Rhodesian Ridgeback  World congress  2016 took place  in Sweden , it was very useful and informative . It was also great to meet old and new friends :)

Show Vejen, Juni 2016 , 2 x exellent. It was a wonderful day, congratulations to all .

            It is hard with all this training :)